Hola! I'm Rho (con linux!).

I prefer to do things instead of adding blabla. Just for you to know, I'm not a programmer, not a designer, neither a specialist on what you'll find here. So, any help and feedback will be really appreciated and welcome ^_^.

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I design, build and re-build Linux related stuff.

Actually, I mainly do MODS of some amazing works. The objective: a nice, neat linux desktop environment.
Lately I also made some small apps. I'm learning though. :)

Customization is Freedom

I mod things, like programs and interfaces. I just tune-them-up according to my taste, and then I share them publicly.

Blogging is the way: also in Spanish

(check out the portfolio for more!) After a couple of years of being just a "watcher", I noticed that I had some stuff to share. It's in spanish, but if we can translate, you can too : )

Open Source

I really don't need to go deep on this, right? Open means evolution: if you share, you learn, but also do others, right?. I thank all open-source projects that teached me. Here is my grain of sand.

Awesome work makes happy cutomizers.

All but thanks to all the developers that allow people to modify their creations! Here is my vision of what I like. Cheers!.

Latest updates (Jan 2014):
Plank-Themmer > Site and script update
Blumix-Edge updated in Github repo

BluMix - GtK 3.10 Theme

A lighter, minimalist, blue-ish approach for your linux desktop: BluMix is a Numix Mod. Blumix-Edge is the experimental version (only on GitHub).

Aery Icons

Aery Icons are inspired and originally made for Elementary OS, now available for Gnome too! Svg hand-modded icons pack.

Elementary Milk GtK

Designed specifically for Elementary OS Luna, it only works with GtK 3.4 (Ubuntu 12.04)

Plank Themer

Made to have a better Plank. Change your favourite dock themes' in a blink with this small app. One command install. :)

On Google Plus

There is an awesome and really active community working around Numix, Elementary, Libreoffice and more! Join us!

Bunch of Tuturials

And this my blog. It's in spanish, but probably if you're geek enough you may follow the stuff. If you don't, just ask me :)

Want to ask me something?

Just write me an electronic mail at rho (@) openmailbox . org ...or click something below :P
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